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# Jokes from 2002
This page contains a selection of jokes and riddles that I wrote in 2002. I
have translated them from their original language of Danish.
# Category: Garden
One woman to another woman, who is wearing gloves: Auhavav, I have burnt myself
on a nettle.
The other woman: No, that can't be, there aren't any nettles within miles.
The first woman: But you're leaning into one!!!
# Category: Books
One book to another: How many pages do you have?
The other book: 179.
The first book: Ha, I have 180 pages.
The other book: Yes, but the last page is a picture.
The first book: No, look for yourself.
The other book: Okay, I will take a look... RITCCSSTRKFH, look, a picture, you
stupid book.
The first book: But there is a single word on the page.
The other book: That doesn't count as a page for you.
The first book: Why?
The other book: Can't you see that I have torn out your page?
What is the point of this joke? It's that books can't talk, how are they
supposed to talk without mouths?!!!
# Category: Balls
The old basket ball couldn't reach the cocoa on the top shelf, but the newborn
basket ball could.
What is the point of this joke? Of course it's that the newborn basket ball
could jump higher than the old basket ball (the old basket ball had become too
slow after all these years it had lived).