Mention how I use NixOS in relation to the gopherhole

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@ -98,9 +98,16 @@ I'm also a computer scientist. By day I work as a programmer in a Danish
software company.
I attend BornHack every year. Can recommend!
$(link_www 'BornHack: a 7 day outdoor hacker tent camp in Denmark' '')
I use NixOS as my operating system on both my laptop and my servers. I think
it's nice!
$(link_www 'NixOS: Reproducible builds and deployments' '')
This gopherhole uses geomyidae as its Gopher daemon, configured in Nix:
$(link_www 'Nix systemd service wrapper for geomyidae' '')
$(link_www 'Nix'"'"' declarative requirements for building my gopherhole' '')
$(header Cool links)