A good game

soundfont tester

Reglerne til Agurk-kortspillet

simple art generation

temporal system based on a binary star system

experiments with Applicative Universal Grammer in Haskell

Brainfuck stuff

poor 3D game, uses violat

makes beeps, funny

old esolang attempt from 2009

Extended version of Python's glob module

Tools for the bytebeat concept

fun, blocky 3D

simple limited webcomic website generator

Haskell command line parsing

crappy stuff

Datalogiske versioner af danske ordpsprog

old crypto, don't use

The game engine for ForestQuest

Simple desktop video recorder

basic Python block-based 2D graphics framework thing

A collection of boolean logic tools

an X11 key press/release catcher/sender wrapper

send feed entries to email

something unfinished about tape-based computation


old network thingy

generering af forbryderalbum med navn og foto

almost a game

slow game of life implementation

a block-based, gravity-infused puzzle game

Soundfont use

Sjov med dårlige danske titler

Esolang with real-world inspiration

Small concatenative programming language

suggestion for a MMORPG-style text-based interactive fiction system

somehow once useful for Python 2.x

a blocky, simplistic approach to image generation

weird Haskell strategy game for the Liberated Pixel Cup in 2012

I ate. I looked out the window.

todo list

beeps as you type

kvigall plugins

ncurses calendar thing

old sound generation program attempt

I was pretty angry at poems back in 2010/11.

an idea for a choose-your-own-adventure-like programming language


slow lunch management software


a completely headless version of the MARS MIPS emulator

Prominent metanohi media

metanohi.name generator

Side stuff for metanohi.name

Main stuff for metanohi.name

MIPS assembly simulator in C with a cow's touch

precision cut without reencoding the middle

a program that reads, runs and converts hypertext fiction files

revolutionary story idea

potential game or game engine

My Universe: a hopeful description

an aging attempt to define a human language

a simple side-scrolling game

some old python stuff

a poor synthesizer

the most basic 3D program I could write

an old attempt at a story

image to sound

old-school perspective racing engine

Rap video generator

binary data serializer


simple sound curve generator

Sentre, a generator for infinite novels

minimalist video game

simple poem generator, don't know if it still works

easy soundfont use

stream radio from standard in


name generator

terra generation

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poor text-based animation system in Python

A novella, kind of

A proper story of sorts

Generate gifs from video slices

Vinni Vogn

Yet Another Another Another Haskell Game Engine

generate an index of files for quick web viewing

Javascript framework wannabe

old sentence generation

polygon-shaped cluster graphics in C

Interactive fiction thing from 2009