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bytebeat ======== Based on the idea described on []( and includes tools for easy experimentation. "Bytebeat" refers to sound generated by simple formulas sent to an audio output. + clive lets you play different tunes grabbed from the site. + byteplay lets you play an arbitrary formula (use 't' for the current step; see the formulas in 'clive.c' for inspiration). + bibgen poorly generates a tune and plays it. + exprgen generates a formula, but isn't very good either. Installation ------------ These tools depend on libtcc to dynamically generate C code for execution; download from []( Just run `make` afterwards. Should work on at least some platforms. License ------- Released under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2.0; see for the license. Bugs and the like ----------------- Needs documentation. Does some non-standard C things (don't compile with -pedantic). Would be nice with a better random tune generator.