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========= Dililatum ========= Have you ever heard of Dililatum? Perhaps not. For Dililatum is Something New. Dililatum has a quest; and that quest is to distribute Python power to quest-oriented RPG-like computer-based keyboard-using video games. At least that's its purpose. Dililatum can be considered a game engine, but in reality it's a game library. It is written in Python using PyGame for graphics and sound in games. Dililatum also depends on NumPy. More specifically, it's like this: Dependencies ============ Dililatum depends on the following programs/libraries:: Python 2.5+ Dililatum is written in Python <> Debian etc.: apt-get install python Fedora etc.: yum install python PyGame 1.8.1+ Dililatum uses PyGame for its graphics and sound <> Debian etc.: apt-get install python-pygame Fedora etc.: yum install pygame NumPy Dililatum uses NumPy for internal arrays describing where it's okay to walk -- and where it's not ok. <> Debian etc.: apt-get install python-numpy Fedora etc.: yum install python-numpy Optional modules ---------------- Additionally, you can also install these libraries:: setproctitle Changes 'python' to 'dililatum' <> sudo easy_install setproctitle termcolor Colors Dililatum's terminal output <> sudo easy_install termcolor Details ======= Dililatum is released under the GNU GPLv3+ and is free software. Dililatum is downloadable from The version of this Dililatum is v0.1. Many features are not complete yet. For an example of what Dililatum is capable of, try downloading ForestQuest. It's available at It's still a work in progress, but it works. The logo of Dililatum, found in the "logo" directory, is available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (or any later version) Unported license. A copy of this license is available at Installing ========== To install Dililatum, write this in a terminal:: $ ./ install After installing it, you can run it like this:: $ dililatum GAME If you choose not to install it, the Python file you should run is called "dililatum" and located in the "bin" directory. Note that Dililatum has many command-line options, which is why it's a good idea to run "dililatum --help". Dililatum comes with several tools for more easily developing games. These are named 'dilatiumdev*'. Documentation is available in the "docs" directory. Developers are very welcome. The original author of Dililatum is Niels G. W. Serup <>. Missing features/TODOs ====================== * The ability to have more than one layer of acceptable positions is currently lacking from Dililatum. It should be possible to change the ok-position-layer when the character did something, like crossing an invisible line. * Code is lacking documentation. * There are no formats to make complex things like conversations easy to create. * Lots of better graphics and sounds must be created. * An actual story must be created as well. * Functions for graphical effects should exist. * Probably also other things. The mantra should be something like "objects, actions, connections, graphics, sounds". This document has been released under the Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Universal license.